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this is a story, all about how…

This is the blog of a 2nd generation Filipino-American living in Kansas. My life is mildly interesting and you can read about it here :)


I am an uncle and (hopefully) a good role model. I have two nephews and three nieces. I’m the third of four siblings (two older sisters and a younger brother), and I live close to all of my family. I’m closer to some of my cousins than most people probably are with theirs, but if you had a family like mine, you would be too. I love my family; they are, and always will be, my best friends :)


I’m naturally competitive. I love board games, card games, thinking games, tennis, golf, volleyball, disc golf, badminton, kickball, basketball, cycling, skating… actually pretty much anything outdoors. Call me, I’ll play. I like to tinker, and I love making. Most of my projects are small and personal, but it’s always a challenge and learning experience.


My background is in software development. My most recent work has been as an IT consultant in the healthcare industry (see: “electronic medical record” and “meaningful use“).

Stay tuned…


Do good work, and you will find reward.