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Life is always interesting. Fortunately, I have the best problems.

Recently, I was skimming through some old blog posts (real old… like… myspace old). It was kind of fun to read some of it and reminisce. Life is always interesting, even if only to me. So I think it’s time to start posting regularly again.

I received a facebook invite for my 10 year high school reunion. That’s a pretty long time, and while I do feel accomplished and mostly satisfied with my life so far, there are obvious elements missing and changes I’m trying to make. There are TOO many what-ifs and who-knows to not be wary, but life is too short to be too careful.

I’ve withstood some personal trials, taken risks which fell through, and have had my feelings hurt along the way. I’ve certainly made mistakes and haven’t always treated others as I should.

Despite it all, life is good. Extremely good. I have the best problems… other people would LOVE to have to deal with some of the worst parts of my life. I’ve been very fortunate, and things always seem to come up my way eventually. There’s certainly been some plain ol’ good luck at work here, but I believe that good decision-making can go a long way.

I’m embracing the idea that it’s time to take more chances. Every burn, bruise, cut, scrape, and scar has been more than worthwhile. It’s time to stop being afraid of getting a few more.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it.