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Archives for : February2013

Ten days in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe and the valley

Photos are on facebook.

I spent less than a week at home after returning from the Philippines. I had been planning a trip to Tahoe for few months prior, but it was postponed and then re-planned while I had some (precious) free time in the Philippines.

If you’ve never been to Tahoe, it is beautiful! And I hear it’s even better in the summer…

The first few days there were rocky (heh). I traveled with Jess B, and she has a car in Tahoe, but unfortunately, the battery was dead after sitting for so long. A kind neighbor gave us a jump-start, but the car died again while backing it out of the drive. What made it especially bad is that it died in a position which made it impossible to jump – so we had to push it out first… on ice. Yeah, I swapped out my flip flops for shoes on this one.

By the time we moved the car far enough, the neighbor couldn’t be found, and it was starting to get dark. A couple more doors later, a neighbor answers, but is leery of us strangers fumbling in the dark across the street. Eventually, he accepts that we aren’t stealing the car and gives us a jump. We make it to a gas station… and need another jump. First stop after that? New battery.

The first two nights were spent at a friend’s house in the guest room. I enjoyed the time there, and wished to stay longer, but we had to move on. Unfortunately, the original arrangements following those first two days fell through, basically at the last minute. We managed to find a room-share from a friend-of-a-friend, but they were out of town for at least another day. Thankfully, we only had to spend one night in a hotel, and it was relatively cheap (not bed-bugs-cheap, but reasonable). We spent the rest of the time occupying the basement of the home of some new friends.

I actually only went up the mountain for snowboarding twice – but I didn’t mind so much because it is so expensive! Fortunately, I was able to borrow the board, boots, and bindings – so I only had to pay for lift tickets… but that was enough (even with a discount)! Boarding was just as fun as I remembered, and I was just about as good as I remembered. I’ve now officially spent 4 days on a snowboard, so I think I’m about ready for the Winter X-Games!

I did have one bad fall during my time there. I can probably chalk it up to still being relatively new, but I don’t maneuver as fast as I’d like. We spent a lot of time going through trees, and it was a lot of fun. More than once, however, I had to force abrupt stops to avoid crashing into a tree. On my last day there, I was doing well carving around trees until I came to one which had broken at the trunk. I tried to stop, but not quite fast enough – took a hit straight to my lower back. I can only imagine how hilarious it probably was for the people in the lift above me. If nothing else, I learned that your lower back muscles are tensed when you sneeze – still hurts!

Being winter, we didn’t spend a lot of time at the lake, as there’s not much to do when it’s that cold. And without snow shoes, we couldn’t really go hiking (believe me, we tried. I learned what it means to ‘fencepost’). I definitely enjoyed my time there, and I’m looking forward to returning!