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Hotel Internet download speeds FTL

I’ve had remote work for my Cleveland client every night this week… and it has literally taken me 2 to 4 times LONGER (maybe even more?) than it would have if I had a decent connection. Here’s what I’m working with: Yeah, that’s a zero and then a dot. This was actually the best of 3 trials. Hey readers, you should run a test too, and post your ping/download/upload times. I’d really like to see how this bull-feces measures up.

Notice that my upload speed was more than twice better the download speed. Kind of ironic considering that I’ve never been closer to Silicon Valley than I am right now. Lunch on me for anybody who can show a worse ratio than what I have here. No cheating!

Working like this actually reminds me of my freshman year in college, many, many moons ago. Strapped for cash, I worked with a PC which was a hand-me-down from a friend-of-a-friend (-of-my-sister). It was a 200mhz Pentium Pro. I don’t remember how much RAM it had, but I’m certain it was something equally retarded. I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense; I mean this machine was literally retarded.

Despite that, I did all of my homework on that box AND developed my first by-contract application on it. I’ll bet you’re thinking I used that money to build a new PC with a schforteen-teen terahertz 17 core processor, and then sold even MORE software with it!

…nope! I don’t honestly remember where that money went… Probably tuition or dorm-living costs. I didn’t have a car back then, so maybe it went towards that.

Or maybe it was hookers and blow. Hey, who keeps track of such things?! The money, I mean. Hookers and blow are tracked by pimps and drug dealers. Duh.


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Comments (11)

  1. Jim

    8D 3U. Maybe you need a good tethering plan/wireless hotspot :)

    • I’ve been thinking about that lately. We’ll see though. The hotel is supposed to be upgrading their bandwidth/throughput in June…

      Know of any good plans? I hate shopping :-p

  2. Here is my result from my Macbook Pro @ home:

    My desktop hackintosh (Psystar) would fare far worse if I could get it to stay connected long enough to run the test >.<

  3. Audrey

    The first test I ran was pretty awful

    running from my Mobile AP connection in the basement. Would that get me a lunch? :P

    But here are my other results from my house first in wireless connection…

    and then using Mobile AP when I was upstairs with a better connection…

    PS- You probably shouldn’t be bragging about your “hookers and blow” problems on here. It’s open for all of the world to see :P

  4. Audrey

    Oh and a result from using the wi-fi not in the basement…

  5. Here’s my speed test from work (Fairmont Hospital):

  6. First test:

    Second test:

    how is wichita worse than oklahoma?

    aaand a third test:

  7. Uhm. Josh’s speeds using Cox make me feel like I’m wasting my money. Please tell me you’re using a business-class tier?

    Dom, as far as dedicated data plans go, you’re probably going to get better coverage with a CDMA carrier (maybe depending on the locale where you’ll use it the most). Then you’re stuck judging whether VZW or Sprint provides the better Cost:Bandwidth cap ratio. It used to be that Sprint was the only one that provided truly unlimited data… but they may be following some unfortunate trends in the future… If they’re not already doing so. Much akin to your “High Speed Internet” plight here, and how “4G Data” is defined, “Unlimited” is also often used to describe a service that is certainly not so.

  8. @Jim:
    I have no idea, I’m not in charge of it.

    Uncle Bob put it rather succinctly: “hotel internet blows wads.”